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Rv Refrigerators and propane refrigerators are all we do.

Norcold Dometic

RV Fridge Repair

Rebuilt cooling unit
Do you live off the grid? Do you have a cabin somewhere you go to relax? Now you have someone to call to either repair or talk you through a diagnosis and if you are lucky talk you through fixing it yourself.

We repair and rebuild Propane Refrigerators:

Crystal Cold
Servel (1990 and newer)

Give us a call.  The call is free and may save you money. Even if you decide to use someone else you will go in to the deal educated and will be less likely to be ripped off.

A bit of advice:
If you are buying a used refrigerator from someone make sure they have it running when you go look at it.   Do not take their word that the fridge works.  We had a customer tell us recently that he bought an RV from a friend and when he went to pick it up his "friend" had ice in it and said that he had turned it off but that you could see that it had frozen the ice.  Now this person obviously was not our customer's friend.  That was just a trick.  He knew the fridge didn't work.  He put ice in it to make it seem as though it was working.  Our customer took the rv and didn't give it a second thought because this person was his friend (or so he thought).  He got home and ran the fridge and it did not work.
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