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Here are some ways you can help your fridge last longer:

Number 1 and most important
Do not run the Refrigerator unless you are driving or LEVEL.  A lot of people don't understand how important this is.  While you are traveling it is okay to run your fridge. When you park and your RV is not level it could be as early as one hour and the cooling unit could be toast.  Save yourself some money and don't run the fridge while you are parked unless you have taken the time to level it.  Proper leveling means that you are leveling from the freezer.

Keep the seal clean on your refrigerator doors.  Dirt and grime builds up when it is not kept clean and eventually the seal will no longer do it's job allowing air to escape which will keep the fridge from staying cold.

Leave the refrigerator doors open while storing your rv.  If an ammonia leak should occur while in storage your refrigerator can suffer unnecessary damage if the doors are closed.  Ammonia is extremely corrosive to Copper and there are copper parts in that fridge.  Then you are looking at replacing more than just the cooling unit.

Make sure that the Refrigerator has proper ventilation. Sometimes the insulation at the top and sides outside of the fridge fall down onto the cooling unit, or leaves and debris go through the access vent and build up above the fridge completely blocking the necessary air flow.  Air must be able to circulate for the refrigerator to operate properly.  We recommend installing a fan or fans above your refrigerator.  You can access this area from your rooftop vent (call us for free info on installation).  Especially in Arizona where the temperatures rise in the summer.

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It is not good for
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it while you are 
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there is no truth 
to the myth that
it's better for your
fridge to run it
all the time, even
when it's being
If your fridge smells bad use Febreeze.  It really works to remove odors.  Spray on walls of fridge, allow time to soak in and wipe with a wet clothe.  You may need to repeat the process but it really works.

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