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If you are looking for a quality RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit you have come to the right place!  We rebuild RV Refrigerator Cooling Units and build them to last.  

If you have an RV Fridge that is not working give us a call.  If you smell ammonia, your cooling unit is bad.  That is not a reason for you to buy a whole new fridge.  If your refrigerator still looks good and the cooling unit is the only thing wrong then don't waste any more money than just changing the cooling unit!

Our prices are the lowest out there.  Our prices are low because we are the re-builders. There are only two rebuilders in Az and we are the only one that has a mobile service.  We come to you.  Seeing all the beautiful places in Arizona is one of the great things about our work.  

Why do we offer free diagnostics?  The reason is simple, we like to help people.  The stories we have heard from our customers about being ripped off make us really angry.  We figure if we help you save money over the phone, somewhere down the line you will recommend us to a friend etc.

Sounds hard to believe but sometimes people will call us and after talking with them for a few minutes we can establish what the problem is and in many cases tell them what to do to fix it themselves...... google-site-verification: google1c559ce4e96694f1.html


Helpful Tips:

We have found that the best thing to use to remove odor from the RV Refrigerators is Febreeze.  So if you have cleaned and cleaned and you still smell the odor try Febreeze.  Spray it on the inside of the cabinet and let it sit for a while.  Then just wipe it with a wet rag.

If your fridge is not working, make sure you try it on both modes (ac and gas) to eliminate the possibility that there is a problem with your ac or gas and not the cooling unit itself......

**When you are storing your fridge it is best to leave the doors open.**
**It is not true that it's better for your fridge to keep it running all the
   time (even when you are not using the rv),  Of course you run it while 
   you are camping.  But there is a myth out there that you should keep
   it running when you aren't using the camper too. There are components 
   on the fridge that will wear out, stop making contact etc.



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